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Creative DISEM

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Reverse Engineering

•Accurately scan an object at a high speed suitable for reverse engineering
•Machinery, electronics, delectrical fields, such as variety available in the general industrial

Quality Control / Inspection

•CAD data and the comparison of the actual model
•In-Line inspection
•This soft in the non-contact measurement, the measurement surface of the product or fragile materials

Mold and Toolmaking

•Reconstruction tools
•Scan data for milling toolpath generation
•Worn or lost Cad Data recovery in the mold

Direct Machining

•To model the measurde data, CNC or data available in printer 3D
•Modification df the mold, the repair of the current state of the process of shaping the digital
•Identify variations due to heat treatment
•Utilization of digital replica of the mold for mass production

Rapid Manufacturing

•3D Data Acquisition for prototyping

Benchmarking / Copy

•3D scanning is possible without damaging the prototype for the preservation and reproduction of works of art
•After the 3D modeling, 3D printing or reproductions produced by CAM machining

Scientific Documentation

•Archaeological sites, etc. The digitization of fossils, artifacts, etc.
•Scientific research is possible in 3D modeling and measurement

Other Application Areas

•Design and CAD/CAM applications
•Tools and inspection jigs
•Mold making
•The prototype tests
•Medical technology programs, etc.

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